MetisEdge and RTT: Charting a Course for Global Success

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology and enterprise solutions, strategic guidance and expert advisory are invaluable. This is the story of RTT, a dynamic player in the tech world, and their fruitful collaboration with MetisEdge, led by the experienced Jack van den Brink.

Introducing RTT

RTT has established itself as a significant name in the technology sector, known for its innovative solutions and robust product offerings. Key to their success are flagship products like JD Edwards, Stealth ERP and Netsuite, which have become synonymous with efficiency and reliability in the tech market. These products not only represent RTT’s technical prowess but also their commitment to providing comprehensive solutions to complex business challenges.

The Advisory Excellence in 2023

2023 marked a pivotal year for RTT, as they welcomed Jack van den Brink from MetisEdge to provide advisory services. Jack’s role went beyond traditional consultancy; he was a catalyst for transformation. His contributions included:
• Strategizing for Global Reach: Jack played a crucial role in shaping RTT’s international expansion strategies for Stealth ERP and Netsuite. His insights helped pave the way for RTT to penetrate new markets and broaden their global footprint.
• Sales Process Optimization: With Jack’s expertise, RTT refined its sales processes, enhancing efficiency and customer engagement. This strategic refinement led to better alignment with market needs and customer expectations.
• Blueprint for Future Growth: Jack’s involvement was crucial in the development of RTT’s business strategies for 2024, laying a solid foundation for sustainable growth and innovation.

The Tangible Impact

The advisory work of Jack van den Brink translated into measurable success for RTT. Under his guidance, there was a notable improvement in strategic planning, market positioning, and a trajectory towards potential revenue growth. This period of collaboration saw RTT strengthen its market presence and fortify its operational efficiencies.

Continuing the Journey in 2024

The partnership between RTT and MetisEdge, with Jack at the helm, is set to continue into 2024. This next phase will focus on supporting RTT’s aspirations for international growth, with strategies aimed at expanding their global reach and solidifying their position in the international market.

In Their Words

Jack van den Brink reflects, “Seeing RTT not just grow but thrive has been a rewarding experience. Our journey ahead is filled with even greater possibilities.”
Andrea Ghezzi, CEO and Founder at RTT adds, “Jack’s advisory services have been transformative. Our path to international success is clearer and more achievable than ever.”

A Partnership That Speaks Volumes

The collaboration between MetisEdge and RTT.IT is a testament to the power of expert advisory in navigating the complexities of global expansion and market adaptation.


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